Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Images We Never Posted for Nightmare Killers2

Now that I have decided to be a proactive blogger again I am trying to launch as many posts as I can before I get bored of doing it once more.  I never posted images from last seasons haunted house, so here are a bunch.  Did you go to the haunted house?  which was your favorite room?

Friday, January 24, 2014

How Did Nightmare Killers2 go, and What Has Happened Since Then...?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  Firstly, I am excited to report to the world for the first time, that there was no hurricane in 2013!  I know, it has taken me a little long to tell everyone, but it's never too late.  So to reiterate, there was no hurricane that closed all haunted houses in the city, especially my own, and destroyed everyone's livelihood in the year 2013.  Now you can breathe.

So that was the best news from last year.  That mother humper Sandy from 2012 closed the lower east side haunted house for the season, and ended the Bronx one for good.  It was devastating to me emotionally and financially, which unfortunately in this world also means emotionally. People loved Nightmare Killers so it was disheartening that not everyone who wanted to see it was able to.  So I was bound and determined to rebound with Nightmare Killers2 this past season, and I am very pleased to report that it was a smashing success.  People enjoyed the experience as much if not more than Killers, and we made it through the entire season, which was our 10th.  I am very proud of our accomplishment.  The reviews were over the moon again, and we once more concluded the season as the highest rated haunted house on Yelp.  I know that sounds like a stupid accomplishment, especially because I think Yelp is the scourge of the business world and needs to be shut-down, but it means things (sadly) to others, so it means it needs to mean something to me.

Now, as many of you asked, why didn't we do Nightmare: The Experiment again this year? It was a difficult decision because i enjoyed doing it, and it did very well, but I feel like that concept had run its course.  We did it three years in a row, and although we always changed it up, it was still the same conceit. We would love to do another Christmas show in the future, but the big idea of what that would be had not come to us at the time we needed to make decisions, so we decided not to force a square peg in a round hole and skipped this year.  We 'll see what's in store for the next.

We are going to be doing something this summer (not Camp Nightmare, although I know that can work, and it will work, but just not this year.  it will be done at some point, I just know it), but what this summer's event is going to be is still top secret.  Top secret for two reasons: the idea is fantastic and we want to keep it as close to the vest as possible, and because the logistics haven't been worked out yet, so we don't want to let people down again by cancelling it.  I will tell you right now, it might not happen.  But the whole team would love for it, too and we are doing everything in our power to make it so.

Now I, Timothy Haskell, am definitely doing another project before the haunted house.  In fact it is right around the corner.  I am doing it with my Psycho Clan team, which is one of the producers of Nightmare, and the team I do a lot of my outside-the-haunted house venture with.  This event is called Full Bunny Contact, and it is an Easter event only happening Easter weekend at the same venue as the haunted house (107 Suffolk Street in the lower east side).  It is a Church Easter Fair turned on its head with the titular event being an Easter egg hunt as sport.  It will be fin for everyone, and we mean that. It is an all day event and into the night where it gets more adult.  I will be writing a separate post all about it, and you will not wont for more information.  But if you are not terribly religious, but you love getting into the spirit of holidays, this is definitely the event for you.  I look forward to telling you more very shortly.

What The Hell, Man, No Blogging?!

So, as it turns out, I am not a very good blogger.  I think what I write is fine, but I never write anything.  I'm not a very inspired blogger, and then I get these moments of inspiration, like I did ten minutes ago when I decided to write a blog, to come on here and write a blog!  But then, being absent for so long, I feel like the first thing to write about is how I don't wrote about anything. Compelling.  And you see, what happens after that is a deep seeded disappointment in myself for not being a dynamic blogger, and certainly not prolific enough for me to even continue with new blogs because, who would even keep up with such sporadic content anyway?

So there it is.  Yet another chapter in my renewed attempt to become a compelling and dynamic blogger.  We'll see how this round goes, or see if the aforementioned will once again takeover.  But I do have news to report, so I think I will be inspired for the time being.  But my news should be another post because if I write it in this one than this might be the only post I write.  I hope not.  I hope I am better than that.  But I don't believe in myself.  We'll see what happens.