Thursday, October 31, 2013


At this time every year we announce our next year's theme. This year is no different. We will not be doing KILLERS3. The killers will be put to rest after this season. If you haven't seen KILLERS2 yet you still have November 1st and 2nd to see it before it goes away forever.

As for 2014, most of our fans know, we often open up the shaping of the next year to you guys. We need you to participate and give us ideas for the elements you'd like to see! So without further hesitation, Nightmare in its 11th horrific season will be doing....


 A horrifying journey through the urban legends, folklore and mythology of this great city of ours. So now we open it up to you. What are some if your favorite macabre stories for NYC's stories history? Comment below.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Nightmare: Killers2 Testimonial Video

I couldn't be more proud of this year's house.  We followed up KILLERS with a bang. I am especially proud of the level of talent in actors.  Not taking any credit for that, it is all them.  They are the strongest group of performers we have ever had, and they maker this year's haunt exceptional.  See what others have to say about it: