Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One of my favorite rooms in "Killers".  Does anyone remember this one?  Not your typical haunted house room. This one was sad.  Few knew who the killer was that was being represented.  It was the first room, and it represented Albert Fish.  This woman was the mother of one of his victims.  I thought it created a strong dramatic arc for the house if it started with the perspective of one the victims.  I post all of the photos from the house, as well as sketches and other creepy things I see on a daily basis, on my Instagram account: @iscareyou

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scary Summer Camping

Trying to put a package together that would be a scary summer camping experience. It would be an overnighter upstate. Meals, accommodations and frights would be provided by Nightmare. Only a very limited number of people could participate a night (say, maybe, 40) so the ticket cost could be pretty high. But it would be so worth it. Is this something you'd be interested in?

Friday, January 11, 2013

So Much to Reflect Upon

I must admit, and for anyone who "follows" my blog clearly knows already, that I have definitely shirked on my duties of giving you the inside scoop of the ins and outs of Nightmare Haunted House.  I hope to remedy some of that here, and then get on with the business of posting scary stuff about other things on a more regular basis.  It's just that INSTAGRAM has sort of taken over my posting of creepy images because it is just so darn easy! (follow me on IG @iscareyou)

But let me take this moment to reflect on what was an amazing season for Nightmare KILLERS.  Starting off with a great deal of ridiculous and meaningless controversy, it quickly quelled and we got on with the business of presenting the most taut haunted house we have ever presented.  The closest thing to the perfect synergy between theatricality and classic haunted house that we've done yet.  That is not to say that it was perfect (we still need to solved noise-bleed issues, and of course, nothing is perfect), but Nightmare finally started to feel like what I have been hoping to achieve in the 9 years I have been doing this. Onwards and upwards, there is always more room to grow.  Trying to achieve haunted house nirvana some day.  We will always be a long way away.

The thing about Killers, and one of the many reasons why I posted so little this whole time, is that it was the largest house we have done in some time (incorporating the outside for the first time went a long way towards that), and also the most character specific.  It was very difficult to just throw any actor into any room when each character and role was so much more rich then they have been in the past.  Aside from a handful of traditional "Boo" characters, if you were cast in a role you were the one to do that role.  They were much more nuanced than usual with lines that were specific to their scene.  Each room was a little playlet. Sometimes you watched the event unfold in front of you as it  happened to someone else.  Sometimes it happened to you.  Often, both.

But Sandy killed us.  we were having an amazing run.  Whatever audience we may have lost with Fairy Tales we regained and then some with Killers.  We got up to what was going to be the 6 busiest days of our run...and then we never opened again.  It was awful.  Luckily the writing was on the wall.  This thing was still NYC's Most Horrifying Haunted House!  So we will be back.  we will do a part II of our Killers theme.  It is just way too dense of a theme, and too many people didn't get a chance to see it the first time around, although this will be A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HOUSE  as always.  Just because we are repeating the theme doesn't mean that it won't be different.  So, if you went to last year's house, who do you think should be in this year's?  And if you didn't, who do you think should be featured for your first time?