Sunday, September 1, 2013

I have always taken great pride in the fact  that Nightmare does a different theme every year. A different theme means a different house. As artists, all we want is to keep creating. To just modify our house or "update it" as most do, it would not be enough. Not only to myself and my team, but to discerning New Yorkers who have come to depend on a new event every year.

I say this as we are embarking on KILLERS2; what appears to be a sequel to last years's critical and popular hit KILLERS. Kinda talking out of both side of my mouth it might seem, but allow me to dispel you of this notion. You see, serial killers are an incredibly dense subject, and an incredibly dark, terrifying and compelling one as well. When I designed the house last year it was 25 killers/ 30 rooms. In other words, It was entirely too big to present in just one year. We couldn't do the whole thing. So this year is the second half of last year. It's not a sequel, but a continuation. Sometimes a story cannot be told in one sitting. Not unlike Tarantino's Kill Bill, initially conceived as a single film, KILLERS2 is intended to complete the story that was started last year.

But I would be lying if I didn't add that the response to last year's attraction didn't help me come to this decision. It was a very strong haunt, and there were so many ideas generated by researching these monsters that I wasn't able to do that I needed to see staged this year.

The long and short if it is, this is a very different house. You will see a few things from last year that will help tie it all together, but we are continuing our tradition of presenting an entirely new house every year. We are doing the same theme, but a different house. But another  tradition we will maintain this year is announcing next year's theme before the conclusion of this one. And it will be a different theme. And it will be cool as hell. For now, enjoy the conclusion of KILLERS. You're gonna frickin' love it!

Oh, and by the way, we go on sale Wednesday, September 4th!

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