Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Different is KILLERS2? And Did I have to See the First One?

How different is KILLERS2 to last year's haunted attraction? Answer: Almost completely.  Don't be fooled by the familiar theme, this is a completely different beast.  We only have two Killers returning from last year's event, and even those have been changed pretty dramatically.  Otherwise, It's all new everything. We've got Slenderman, Manson, Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wournos and many, many more that are all new in completely new environments.  True to form, Nightmare has made a completely new house and you will not be dissatisfied in the least.  If you went to last year's KILLERS it will be like going to a totally different haunted house this year. 12 different subjects than last year.

What if I didn't go last year, will I understand what is happening this year? If this is a serious question, than I will answer respectfully - duh. Of course you didn't need to go to the first one to understand this one. It's a g-d haunted house for crissakes. We are just trying to create environments to scare the sh*t out of you.  Although we do have a theatrical bent, it's not like there was some story that ended in a cliffhanger that we are picking up again with this house.  The only thing we are picking up again is scaring and thrilling you.  It makes no difference if you went to last year's haunted house or not.  This haunted house will clearly stand on its own, and I am confident you will have never seen anything like it.

Happy Halloween

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Frances DeMartino said...

Last year's house was absolutely terrifying. My favorites? Dexter (the actor was spot on), Ed Gein (looked just like him), Jack the Ripper ( I can still feel his hot breath on my face), John Wayne Gacy (sick - absolutely sick) -- looks like I am going to list every killer. Can't wait to get to NYC to see the new show - at least 4 to 6 times this season - as usual. Go Tim Go!!!