Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So we are adding a new event to our canon of creepy happenings.  At least for now.  We are going to try this out and see what the response is like.  I am convinced that this is a winner and that it will continue for many years to come.  But we are going to start out small.  Only two dates, July 12th and 13th, we will present CAMP NIGHTMARE! a 15-hour overnight scary camping experience.  The event starts around 5 pm and will include a gourmet campfire dinner, s'mores dessert and breakfast the next day.  You will also be provided tents and facilities, and of course thrills and chills throughout the night. You probably won't sleep much. The venue is a woods about two hours from the city in a town called Lexington.  There is no electricity nor cell reception.  No one will be able to hear you scream!!! That kind of thing.  Anyway, we may also provide charter bus service if enough people sign up for it (of course there will be an additional charge which is why there MAY be charter bus service).

Many, many, many more details on the way, but the there will be scary campfire stories, individual missions into the woods, things that come out when the campfire goes out, and there will only be one "survivor" who will win a big prize. And everyone will get a CAMP NIGHTMARE t-shirt. Just mark down either July 12th or 13th on your calendars.  This will be an amazing summertime thing to do, and I am super excited to create it, build it, and scare the snot out of you at 2 am in the woods.