Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One of my favorite rooms in "Killers".  Does anyone remember this one?  Not your typical haunted house room. This one was sad.  Few knew who the killer was that was being represented.  It was the first room, and it represented Albert Fish.  This woman was the mother of one of his victims.  I thought it created a strong dramatic arc for the house if it started with the perspective of one the victims.  I post all of the photos from the house, as well as sketches and other creepy things I see on a daily basis, on my Instagram account: @iscareyou


anthony0358 said...

This room was so effective! 1st room of the house, and the chilling moment when the actress gets really close to us and asks "Why are you here"

Onezumi said...

I agree it was a great way to make the peopel going through actually think about the subject matter.