Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why you can be certain that KILLERS will be terrifying.

I am not going to apologize for past work because I am proud of everything I have done with Nightmare and anything else for that matter. But I will say KILLERS is definitely a response to those that have thought certain houses in the past were maybe "not scary enough". I admit that there have been times where I perhaps focused on how "fun it is" or how "cool it is" or how "clever it is". although I hope it is all of those things, SCARY is what I am going for. You guys wanted scary...You're gonna get scary. Since I am not so beholden to creating an overall "story" for the house this year, I have just focused on each story of each killer In each room and figured out the scariest way I could bring it to life; How unsettling, unnerving and truly haunting as well. I am trying to create moments, interactions, and images that will last with you long after you have left the experience, all the while making it truly fun and entertaining. The perfect elixir for the Halloween season. Fun for all. Scary for all. This house is very interactive, very aggressive and very in your face. These are all things that I could have done in the past, but didn't realize how much my audience wanted it to be this terrifying. But you guys have spoken. You have made it loud and clear. You are gonna get what you asked for. This is why I picked KILLERS. There is nothing scarier than actual monsters. Real ones that live amongst us.