Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Son, the Crouching Tiger Flying Daggers

This is a video my son and i did a little while back. Watch the whole thing. He channels his inner Shaolin and begins to float midway through. I may be a bit biased, but he might be the cutest thing on earth. Especially his interesting count sequence.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to catch a Nightmare Killer

I am the middle of reading about scores of killers for the 2012 Nightmare haunted house theme of serial killers. I have chosen this theme for several reasons: i think people are as fascinated by the subject as I am, and people want something brutal, terrifying, realistic, and in-your-face after the highly conceptualized, theatrical and stylistic house we did last year, Fairy Tales, that many people felt fell short as a haunted house. Don't worry, people who loved Fairy Tales, i will not abandon the things that you liked about FT, but too much of our audience NEED to be more scared, more terrified, more tormented. I need to bring it for 2012. Thank you Killers, you are going to make it easy for me.

These people are monsters in all senses of the word. I do not want to glorify them or celebrate them in any way, but i realize by virtue of presenting them in an entertainment, i cannot avoid that accusation. Nor would it be completely unfounded. After all, serial killers are about the scariest thing there is in our world, and I am using them as my subject because I want to create the scariest haunted house conceivable. That's what our audiences want- to be scared! So, that's entertainment. But i want to create a very real world where you will witness these horrible atrocities, and really feel them. I want this to be the most visceral Nightmare ever, truly getting in your bones. In some ways this house has to be the most theatrical we have ever done with amazing actors in order to truly unsettle you. At the same time, however, real, genuine scares also need to be provided which FT's lost sight of. It was beautiful to look at, and captured moments from those stories in a creative way, but it was a little too proud of that and lost sight of what makes a haunted house, and what makes people want to go to a haunted house.

The most sublime haunted attraction will be the one that combines theatrical ingenuity, with wonderful pop-scares and a seamless interactivity all the while remaining experiential and empathetic at the same time. When I nail that there will be no need for you to ever go to another haunted house in your life. It would be indelibly etched in your mind and make you never want to go back to another haunted house again.

That is until 2013, to see Nightmare's next adventure.

I believe we are going to come close with Nightmare Killers. I heard you last year. Enough with the artsy fartsy bullshit Tim! Oh, but just you wait. I will have had a year to figure out nothing but ways to torment you.