Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My latest video for Sex You (I'm Gonna)

This is a video i made that makes my own personal appeal to donate to my show Sex You (i'm Gonna). Check it out. laugh your ass off. cry your eyes out. donate one million dollars.

Director Tim Haskell on SEX YOU (I'm Gonna) from Nathan Phillips on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ok, More About This Crazy Show

My last post was about a show i am working on called "Sex You (I'm Gonna)" by Nathan Phillips. I am directing it. It is a solo show where one man cleverly seduces women in the audience in an attempt to have sex with them on stage. of course his unorthodox methods are turn-offs at best, and doesn't stand much of a chance (well, we at least hope so. in our workshops in NYC we have had a few crazies...). This is a comedy experience as Nathan is nothing short of a brilliant improvisationalist, quick witted and affable (and apparently ok to look at as well. But I'm more handsome). To bring our crew over to Edinburgh actually cost a pretty penny, and lots of money has been poured into it already (myself not the least of them), so we are trying to raise the final $10,000 through our supporters. I hope we can do it to be honest because it will be difficult to make it over there otherwise.

I know it is ugly to ask for money, but if you wanna support this venture you can do so here on our kickstarter page.. Anything helps (I'm serious, do $5 and i think you are the cat's meow). We will need to do this by volume of contributions i think. You know, Obama style. And there are some really fun prizes for the the different levels of contributions. So look at it like i am just trying to sell you these unique prizes that you can only get here at kickstarter! I'm kinda serious, they are pretty fun.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Latest Show - Sex You (I'm Gonna)