Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Year Was Tough, but Amzing at the Same Time

I ain't gonna lie. Nightmare Fairy Tales was a tough year. We went out on a limb a little with Fairy Tales, but truly thought it was the best way to reenact fairy tales in a scary, haunted house kind of way. I also wanted to create a haunted house that people would think was fun, entertaining, and quite frankly, beautiful. Critics agreed, and loved what we were up to, but many traditionalist felt otherwise. I do know, however, that a large part of our audience LOVED it, so it is so hard to get a beat on these things. i heard from many regulars that this was amongst their favorites of our houses. But what saddened and disheartened me the most was seeing people who claimed they had gone for several years saying they liked this one the least and will now never be coming back. What? you must not come every year because if you did you would know that we change it from top to bottom and we have had off years some years when the next year was the most terrifying thing we have ever done. That's what happens when you create a new show. It's like any other show. If i just rehashed the things that i know worked i would just take the most successful house we have ever done and keep doing it. It would save me a ton of money, I'll tell you that. A fact that i thought was truly appreciated by our core contingency. For people to tell me things like this is very sad indeed. And for them to rail against us online and elsewhere is confounding. You know that hurts our business don't you? would you like for Nightmare to be no more? I don't think you do. Love it or not, Nightmare has become an institution for Halloween in this city, and us taking a theme and giving you a new show every year is something people have come to look forward to. Be careful of how powerful your voice can be. And lovers? MAKE YOUR VOICE MORE KNOWN! :-)

But what made me truly enraged were people who had never been to Nightmare before and don't understand our ethos and just would say the most vitriolic things wherever they could completely without context. That hurt us. To be honest, how vocal detractors were truly hurt business and has made me rethink the future of the whole enterprise. I understand that a mistake i made might have been not being more clear about how this house was different than others both in the world and from our own; the level of theatricality and the highly stylized nature of the settings. Personally, this house suited my own tastes and proclivities, but i understand when you make a populist event you need to either be clear about how it is either not a populist event, or make it one. So i could have been more clear in the marketing i suppose, but it was not intentional. My process was the same as any year, trying to create New York's Most Horrifying Haunted House, and was hoping i had. Again, it is hard to know when you take some of the risks I took this year how they are going to translate once audiences start walking through. I learned a ton. There are many things that i will not be doing again. There will be a Nightmare next year, I hope, but your support is obviously the most important part.

And I am doing Killers next year not in response to people wanting things to be more terrifying, but because I have always wanted to, and the subject lends itself to the theatricality i hope to employ every year, as well as its innate fear factor. It is a naturally very scary subject. If anything is fool proof in this world, it's that i can make a house about Serial Killers terrifying. I will definitely be bringing the horror back. Don't you worry. For people who didn't think this year was scary enough, don't worry. I will do nothing but figure out countless ways to torment you relentlessly this coming year. You want it, You'll get it. It will be my pleasure.

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ppl will always want things more terrifying...