Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A little more about The Experiment

The Experiment that we did during Fairy Tales was a fun little lark that did scare the bejeesus out of a select few people from the audience every night, but I know that more people wanted to be the guinea pig, and weren't given the opportunity. We are remounting the event as "Nightmare (Before Christmas) The Experiment" because we know this has the potential to be both wildly entertaining and terrifying at the same time. As well as funny, to be honest. we all enjoy watching someone freak out about something from the comforts of our seats.

So we have taken the experiments we did during Fairy Tales and fleshed them out a ton. There were only 4 of them, but they are now much more elaborate. For instance, we brought a live rat out in October. And that's all we did with it. Well, we are still going to use the rat, but this time someone has a choice to make based on an elaborate contraption they will be put in. Either have a rat jump on them or keep it from doing so by doing something very disgusting. Very Saw movies i know, but one of the many fun little bits we have lined up for you. Are you tough enough?

we also now have 10 experiments instead of 4. We are concentrating on fears that all human beings are programmed to respond to and feel for the sake of human preservation. Natural selection if you will. So we will be conducting experiments on pain, cruelty, dread (fight or flight), humiliation, powerlessness, underachievement, heart-break, the dark, repulsion, and being followed/ watched. Not in that order, and no way i am telling you anymore what each one involves. You will have to be intrepid enough to find out.

Want an adrenaline rush this holiday season? dare to weather The Experiment. You will be glad you did. It will jump start you for a marathon session of shopping for bullshit no one needs that they will discard within the week. These memories, however, will last forever!

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