Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Announcing 2012's theme: Nightmare is Killer

For those of you who want the terrorizing back, the blood, the gore, the trauma... well next year we are doing this for you. Nightmare is Killer will be about Serial Killers. Despite numerous pleas to do so in the past (perhaps the most requested theme), I'm finally going to do it. Serial Killers. So, like every year, I am opening it up to you to tell me your favorite ones (ick, you have a favorite?) But there are some ground rules. First, i have mixed feelings about the theme because real people have lost real lives from these monsters, so no killer who is alive nor whose victim's families are still alive*. i know that cuts back on some of your favorites, but i don't want to glorify these people any more than they already have been while real people can still be hurt by it. Second, no child killers or pedophiles*. I have a kid, just can't do it. Third, let's cut down on the violence against women*. I know I will have to include a few. Some iconic ones include Jack the Ripper after all, but i want there to be an even distribution of killers. Fourth, let's find as many women sociopaths as there are men. So if you suggest a man, try and also suggest a woman. They kill people too! So have at it.

* Update as of 1/3/2012: so i have gotten tons of comments saying that my parameters are too limiting, and that i am wussing out by having any restrictions at all. And your right! I feel the same way, I was just trying to be sensitive to what i thought the large part of our audience felt. It seems like I am being told otherwise, so have at it. I would still like to have an even distribution of men and women, and I can't think of any child killers that anyone really wants to see reenacted, but I know i need to consider the Gacys, Dahmers and Bundys of the world, which my first tenet - no one whose victims families are alive - violates. I will certainly not be celebrating these awful people or glorifying them. they are horrific individuals who were scary as shit. If chosen, in no way will they be romanticized. They will be presented as the monsters they were.


Anonymous said...

John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown called pogo

Anonymous said...

The Night Stalker: Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

Dexoner said...

Kristen Gilbert (born 1967 as Kristen Strickland) is a convicted American Serial Killer

Anonymous said...

Norman bates

Anonymous said...

Annie wilkes from stephen king's novel "miserey", sweeney todd and mrs lovett

Anonymous said...

Being a female, I love all things horror. So, here are my choices:

1. Aileen Wuornos - one of the first female serial killers. The move Monster w/ Charlize Theron was based on her.

2. Ed Gein is one i find the most scariest. Definitely the sickest

3. Dorothea Puente. - an old lady who rented out rooms to boarders then drugged and killed them.

Anonymous said...

David Berkowitz: AKA "Son of Sam" and "The .44 Caliber Killer"

anthony0358 said...

And this could be fictional or perhaps killers from the 19th Century

I was thinking Lizzie Borden?
Is that the type of person we are going for ?

Its a great choice for Season 9!

Mark Coates said...

Lizzy Borden... Hello? ;)

Alex said...

Fictional I would say Luther The Geek. Classic low budget horror flick. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100079/

Real Life, Belle Gunness google her name she was a real nut job.

nathan p said...

Lizzie Borden. She's from my hometown. What a lady.

Jen said...

elizabeth bathory

Anonymous said...

With all those rules I'm already not scared. Stop trying to be so politically correct and start trying to be artfully terrifying.

randyshmandy said...

The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs were a group of 19 year old boys in Ukraine who were bored one summer and decided to start a killing spree. They started off torturing kittens and small animals on film and then they moved on to walking up to random people and smashing their heads in with a sledge hammer. If you've seen the popular snuff video, "3 guys and a hammer" you'll be familiar with their work. If you could stage that scene or something similar, (hitting a mannequin) then that would be terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Bateman? Fictional, yes, but if you want gore, the novel'll getcha more than the movie.

Anonymous said...

Henry Howard Holmes, serial killer at Chicago's World Fair. He used a "murder castle" to lure people in and killed them by suffocating them in air tight rooms or tortured then killed them.

Anonymous said...

Jack the Ripper and Amelia Dyer.

Timothy Haskell said...

well, after reading all of these comments, one thing is clear: people want serial killers that are still alive or whose victims families may still be alive. fair enough. i'm ok with that, i just don't want to be hurtful to people who were hurt by these monsters. and in respect to the amount of "rules" i just want to be clear that i didn't mean to suggest that i wouldn't portray killers who committed crimes against women. i just wanted it to be even is all. i don't want this to become someone's "cause", so i want to make sure that it's not a bunch of men killing women. i will stage plenty of that, but i also want men who killed men, women who killed men and women who killed women. i am not shying away from the subject, i am merely trying to not give anyone any reason to question my choices and make a polemic out of it. so suggest anyone you want. seems like gacy and lizzie borden are leading the pack, as of right now.

59204d4a-0881-11e1-a698-000f20980440 said...

Jeffrey Dahmer and Edmund Kemper both committed specific acts upon some of their victims during their serial murder sprees which easily lend both of these serial killers to your 2012 theme.

Dahmer was a cannibal and a necrophiliac; Kemper was a necrophiliac. Both kept full corpses or body parts from their victims.

My starter suggestions!!

KimK said...

politically correct serial killers... ? is this a haunt or an english lit lecture?

Anonymous said...

son of sam would be cool

Eliza said...

I have a long list for you haha:

Jeffrey Dahmer
John Wayne Gacy
Jack the Ripper
Green River Killer
Elizabeth Bathory
Lipstick Killer
Black Dahlia murder
Ed Geine
Albert H. Fish
Charles Whitman (a spree killer but still a serial killer nontheless)
Jim Jones (cult leader but still killed an entire following)
Susan Smith
Charles Manson
The Sacramento Vampire
Richard Chase
Rod Farrel (the floridian vampire)
Betty Brodric
Myra Hindley
Beverly Allit
Andrei Chikatilo
Joachim Kroll
Ted Bundy
Diane Downs
Karla Homolka
Andrea Yates
Aileen Wuornos
Rosemary West

Petra said...

Sticking to the guide lines you have posted, I have found a few serial killers for you. Most of the older , (last century/deceased) female killers, used poisons etc (with the exception of course of Lizzy). It also narrows down the field because a lot of them murdered their families (children included).
I have stuck to US killers.
Are you also looking for “teams”?

JANE TOPPAN - Confessed to 11 murders. (Later reported to have confessed to 31.) 1857-1938

SERVANT GIRL ANNIAHLATOR – Murdered 8 people. (7 women, 1 man) Identity Unknown. 1884-1885

H.H. HOLMES- Confessed to 27 murders.( Actual number could be over 100.)
”Castle of Horrors” 1861-1896

AMY ARCHER GILLIGAN – Murdered at least 5 by poison. (count ranges from 5 – 60) 1868-??

BLOODY BENDERS – The Bender family ran an “inn”, and bodies went missing. 1872-1873

There are more, but I’ll end here for now.
Hope this helps. Can’t wait to see the final result!

hollythewallflower said...

Dexter... he would make a lovely hero to all of the nasty serial killers. Maybe he could be our guide (even though he's fictional).

Evan said...

Two suggestions:
Lizzie Borden!!! She wasn't by definition a "serial" killer but she did murder her parents in an extremely gruesome way. If you want to do research on her, take a trip to MA to her house... I went there and it was so chilling but awesome.

Brenda Ann Spencer. She's not super well known, but when she was 16, she came into school and shot children and teachers. When the cops asked her why, she said "I don't like Mondays". It would be awesome if, I don't know, she was part of the group, and you enter a school and shit goes down. Pretty immersive if you ask me. The Boomtown Rats based a song off of it, and, if anything, it would be cool if it were playing while people waited in line. Talk about fitting music.

Anonymous said...

Please do something relating to Son of Sam. Its only fitting as the house is in New York....

Anonymous said...

Peter Kurten. German serial killer from the '20s. Shit's so weird you can't make it up. Scissors factored prominently in his crimes. So did hammers. Nightmare fuel? Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

P.S. There's a wonderful and magnificently fucked up play about Kurten by Scottish playwright Anthony Neilson-- it's called Normal. Look it up. It ain't no courtroom drama, that's for sure.

Timothy Haskell said...

Hey that's awesome about Peter Kurten. we featured him in our Vampire haunted house two years ago (because he is considered a "vampire killer), so i know his whole story, the only thing i didn't know is that anthony neilson wrote a play about him. that sounds like my next project! i directed his "Stitching" a few years back both off-broadway and in LA. love his writing! thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I dont think the serial killer theme is a good idea if there is going to be limitations. Is this final or are you still open to doing other themes for 2012?

Timothy Haskell said...

for those that are still making comments about "if this is limited then you shouldn't do it" need to read the amendment i made to this post. I am no longer limiting which killers i will be using by my original criteria. i have picked certain ones because their story makes a great room, or it creates a nice balance, or flows the right way, but that is the only way that i limited myself.

Frank Dunn said...

Ed Gein lived in Wisconsin with his mother and brother. He was suspected of murdering his brother, but police could not prove it. After his mother died, Gein began visiting the local cemeteries, digging up bodies of middle aged women who he thought resembled his mother, and assembling a "woman suit" out of their skin. He eventually killed two local women, and when police came to his home to investigate they found body parts everywhere.
Police discovered human noses, vulvae, skulls made into bowls, skin masks, human heads in sacks, lamps and chairs upholstered in human flesh, organs in the refrigerator, and a belt made of human nipples.

Anonymous said...

1) Esther from "The Orphan"
2) Hannibal Lecter from "Silence of the Lambs"
3) Ted Bundy?

Anonymous said...

the guy from texas chainsaw massaccer michael myers uncle frank from hellraiser

Anonymous said...

Delphine LaLaurie

Anonymous said...

Delphine LaLaurie was a sick bitch! She used to imprison, tourture, and mutilate her slaves/servants. Awful woman. Also meets the requirements you changed.

Anonymous said...

the skinner he would skin his victims alive and then put the faces on his walls as a collection

Anonymous said...

The Skinner is a great idea but you left out that he wears he the skin of someone face that he killed and uses it as a mask