Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of Bronx construction week one

Just downloaded a blog app on my iPhone so I can blog more often. This blog is testing it. We are done with our first week of construction in the Bronx. We are pretty behind, but luckily we have until October 7th. It's gonna be hot by then. For those of you who went to nightmare ghost stories you might remember the scariest thing about it. We call it stretchy girl. Basically a girl stretched towards you from the other side of the room. Super effective and she will return in the Bronx.


anthony0358 said...

We are only a few weeks away from opening night
I want to wish everyone good luck

I am so happy to know that the Bronx House would become a permanent HQ for the company

Chris said...

when are your auditions for both the Nightmares going to be

IKEA Guy said...

When IS everythng startng up agn? Id like to come back, if U want me - Martin

Crystal said...

Oh man... I remember stretchy girl! That thing scared the crap outta me and my group. I was in the back though and ended up getting pinned between a wall and a friend after they screamed and stampeded away from it and in my direction. It was hysterical (not to mention terrorfying) XD