Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Announcing the 13 Fairy Tales! But Not Really!

I will eventually announce all 13 fairy tales in Nightmare Fairy Tales, but i will do that closer to the date we open. I will say this. I have chosen 8 out of the dozens suggested to me from the blog post i posted last year looking for suggestions. Only 8. But i picked the most popular ones for sure. And i picked 5 others that i thought should have been suggested. I wanted to span the gamut a little more and not just do all Grimm's tales or obscure German ones that no one would understand or get. I'll tell you 3 of the 5 others here. In a moment. But first i would like to tell you the ones that were in my original 20 that i was going to do, but they got cut because it was making the house too convoluted and not allowing me to really blow out any one of them in a big way. And i want to really explore the ones i am doing more than usual this year.

So, in my original storyline that i wrote i was going to do The Golem, Cinderella, The Snow Queen, Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland. I think the last two were suggested more than anything else, so it is probably surprising I am not doing them. But there are reasons. Sleeping Beauty might be the most brutal fairy tale of all. It is about a young lady (very young) who falls under a spell and then is repeatedly raped by a prince and actually has twins with him all the while being asleep. when she awakens, in the original story, it is while she is breast feeding. Gruesome, awful story but i thought didn't have the moral platitude that the others did, and there weren't any moments that would make sense to stage in a haunted house (i mean, there are certainly images that are awful, but i am trying to create an event where you truly experience each fairy tale). And the other, Alice in Wonderland, certainly lends itself to all kinds of wonderful imagery and storytelling, but has been so overdone that i didn't think i could possibly bring anything new to the table and would thus make it anti-climactic. so i jettisoned them all.

Now for three of the 13 in the house. And i must admit, two of these three play the most minor role in the house (which is probably why they are two of the three I am revealing): Little Match Girl, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Billy Goats Gruff. They are minor characters in this house, but you will understand why they are in there.

I look forward to you all experiencing Nightmare this year. It is by far and away unlike anything we have ever done. I am giddy with excitement!


Crystal said...

Oh I love the Little Match Girl! It's such a heartbreaking story.

anthony0358 said...

and now we can say the House opens later this month
its September 1st now