Saturday, August 13, 2011

And We're Back

It's that time of year again where i will start to blog in a more serious way. Loads going on with my life with both my theatre projects and haunted houses. that's right, haunted houseS! i have two this year.

Firstly, my show Sex You (I'm Gonna) is killing it in Edinburgh. Nathan Phillips is seducing all kinds of Scottish lasses and they are loving it. It was slow going at first, but it has picked up in a big way of late. I have returned from the beautiful city of Edinburgh (and it is beautiful. One of the most miraculous cities I have ever visited), but Nathan is still toiling away. But now that i am back i am in full haunted house mode.

we have actually started loading in my Bronx house. construction begins on Monday. We are starting so early because i want it built before we start Fairy Tales in Manhattan. the Bronx one is located at 1157 Commerce Avenue, just off Zerega Avenue. This is in Pelham Bay and a good neighborhood in Da Bronx. And even more exciting is that this is a permanent home. We have this space 365 days a year! So we actually don't have to tear down all of our hard work at the end of the season like we do every year in Manhattan. And what's more, because this is the Bronx, i have decided to do something very un-Nightmare like - MONSTERS! More specifically, ZOMBIES!!! Why do i say because it's in Da Bronx? because something tell's me that audience wants to see a bunch of monsters jumping out at them from all kinds of corners. That's what they'll get. the actual title is Nightmare: Z-Day - the Day the Zombie Apocalypse Begins.. I am doing this in partnership with this brilliant haunter and all around great guy, Bobby Ferrara. He is from the Bronx and found this awesome warehouse for us to do it in. We are a great team and I think you'll love it if you're in the area, or are in to trekking all the way up to the top of the boroughs. I, of course, hope you are.

Finally, Nightmare Fairy Tales is gonna be sick. One might think that being Fairy Tales it won't be as intense as some other haunted houses. You would be wrong. quite the opposite actually. Do you know how friggin' graphic some of these fairy tales are? graphic and vulgur and as violent as anything you have ever read. Some of the thing that are in this house make me blush. But i am telling these stories and they will shock it to you for sure. Our art direction is out of this world. We are basically creating an enormous pop-up book. and it isn't set in a house, but rather the woods. You will walk from one cottage to another. You're gonna be given a map and everything. Tons of fun and interactivity and plenty of scares to go around. I am beside myself with excitement for this house tbh. In future blogs i will announce the fairy tales that i will be staging in the house. But many of the ones people suggested will be represented.

images for both Z-Day and Fairy Tales coming soon. And i will keep you updated on all the super cool developments and fun stuff you will enjoy reading about. I am back in the swing of things and will probably start blogging two or three times a week if not more. look forward to your comments!


anthony0358 said...

oh my gosh I did not realize the location in the Bronx will serve as your headquarters for the whole year!

I think the saddest day of the year, is the day after the Manhattan location closes and everything has to be removed. The idea for the Bronx house sounds just as exciting as Fairy Tales

I am so happy about the success of the play too!

Here is to an even more successful season this fall, in both places!

Crystal said...

I am so amazingly excited for this years haunted house! So happy you chose a fairy tale theme. I was hoping you would do this theme since I went to my first Nightmare (the Phobias one - what 4 years ago now, right?). I can't wait to read more about all the production details. It's so much fun to hear about all the work that goes into it.