Thursday, March 17, 2011

Transworld Haunt Show Convention

So i spent last weekend perusing the new products for haunted houses in St. Louis at the biggest of the haunted house conventions, Transworld. The problem is "New" is not exactly what any of it ever is. It's usually the same old stuff every year. Typically there are 3 or 4 new vendors on the scene who have come up with something innovative and everyone goes crazy for it. At this point in Nightmare's life we create so many of our gimmicks that we should be taking some of them to this convention. Not to toot our own horn, but because we make all of our stuff and don't model ourselves off of a typical haunted house formula, most of our stuff would come off as very fresh, original and exciting i would imagine. perhaps next year. And i am not implying at all that ours is the best, coolest, scariest haunted house or any of that by saying that. Just the most different and original. For better or worse.

But there were a few new things that genuinely impressed. The new rage seems to be using video with interactivity/ physicality. I guess 4-D type of things. So not just scary videos, but videos where something happens, and then it takes on a tactile life for the audience. I have included some videos here. The first is from Dead House Designs, and it is this amazing cockroach wall. it works because they create the video to contour to the three-dimensional walls, giving the cockroaches themselves a greater realism. it appears that they are responding to the nooks and crannies of the panels, but it is just recorded that way. i love it. they also have a fantastic maggot one on poo in a toilet, but my video didn't come out so great for that one.

the next two are from Pale Night Productions, and these involve the audience more. They have a bunch of stuff like this, check out their website for more. But these two were my favorites, especially the photo in the frame. pretty brilliant actually. But kinda too expensive to take up such a small part of your house.

and i have included an image of one of the newest masks from my favorite mask makers over at CFX. All their stuff is made from silicone so it contours to your face and also feels real. They are true artists. I want this mask.


Juliet Fitzgerald said...

Omg I love it

Crystal said...

That picture frame is great.

Anonymous said...

the cool part of that roach wall is that they are actually responding to the cracks and bumps. that is being rendered in real time and the cracks were programmed in, it isn't just a projector and a recorded video like other companies. this is the real deal! very cool