Monday, March 29, 2010

My Trip to the Haunted House Convention

So, i didn't really get to the "daily update of cool things" as promised. Oh well. But I can recap some of the cooler things I saw at the Transworld Haunt Show in St. Louis now.

Firstly, although it is a generally interesting convention, one-of-a-kind for outsiders, this year was somewhat of a disappointment for me. I saw very few new things this year. Usually I can count on Oak Island to have the new crazy invention, but they just rehashed their booth from last year. I am sure it blew several new haunters away, but I was left underwhelmed. So I am going to give shout outs to some of the artists I was impressed by.

Firstly, CFX Composite Effects out of Baton Rouge, LA is by far and away the best mask makers in the industry. These guys are true artists. They make most of their masks with silicone and it adds a realism beyond reproach. The look, the feel, the's all photo realism. I bought several masks last year for my haunt Nightmare, and I plan on buying a few more this year. They had a some new products this year, including a ventriloquist dummy that I am wearing in this photo here.

Next is HauntAtorium Studios from Lexington, KY. They have some very cool latex and silicone masks. their silicone situations are half masks that look like (intentionally) someone else's face had been cut off to make this mask. The one I am wearing here is designed to look like a burlap sack. I actually bought this one.

I don't have an image of the following, but it was one of the neatest new things I saw, which was Shot In the Dark's spark gloves. It is this very nifty invention that conducts electricity through your hands, and when you are holding two metal objects you can swipe them across each other and it will cause sparks. A fairly impressive effect, actually. It makes them feel real and dangerous, and they are neither.

Finally, Scare Factory are kind of the bigiwigs for theme parks and such; along with Oak Island Attractions. But most of their stuff looks like it belongs in a theme park's haunted house, not one intended to be scary. But I think stone statues are creepy, and they had this really cool one. It animates and lunges at you.

the end bye bye