Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Have Learned After Two weeks

So two weeks are almost in the can, and this is what I have learned from this year's Nightmare: Superstitions:

- People really, really like it! We are always tinkering with it and will continue to do so right through the end; discovering new things and new ways to scare everyday.

- Audiences finally are following the story line. they feel it is consistent and clear. this theme works, and our audience likes being able to see it followed through.

- The favorite rooms go between the Pennies room, the Rabbit's room, the Cat room and Bloody Mary. But every room has gotten "the fave" room at some point.

- John Harlacher's casting was spot on. I am consistently hearing how good the actors are. I, of course, thought so originally, but I do love hearing it

- People don't know which superstition is represented by the camera room. They think it's cool, but they do like following each Superstition unfold, and most people don't know what that is supposed to represent, so it loses something. For the record it's CAMERAS STEAL YOUR SOUL!

- Still working on getting LADDERS just right. It's on the stairwell, so it's tricky, and i like what we have going on there, but it deserves some of my attention in trying to finesse it some.

- Sucks not having a bar. We always have, but we don't this year. It added to the experience both before and after. Our lounge is also the best we have ever designed as well (thank you Ventiko), but no liquor to serve in it. boo hoo

- I have given up trying to solve the problem of "that's it?" I always stress about the house's length, but finally nailed it this year with an experience that is between 37-42 minutes. super long for a haunted house, and almost twice as long as last year. And people are very pleased with the length like never before, and i have not heard anyone say that infamous phrase. Until last night. I heard some douchebag come out of the house and say "Is that it? no fuckin' way, that's it?!" And at that moment i thought to myself, "ahhhhhh, don't stress that anymore. This dickwad just demonstrated that it is literally impossible to please everyone. For this guy the house could be longer than the Lord of the Rings Triology and he would still have that one superficial complaint because he has nothing else to say because he's dumb, and it proves that he can take more. he's soooo g-d tough! 'That's all the scary you have?! huh, that's it?!'" yeah buddy, that's it. That's all i got. i can't satisfy you. move along.

- I've learned probably in the neighborhood of 500 other things. all things to make the experience even better, but getting into that might spoil the fun. and people are having tons of it. Very proud of Nightmare: Superstitions.


anthony0358 said...

thanks so much for sharing this with us Tim!

I am being totally honest, I loved the MOVA last year and the chance to walk through the house without the actors was very special for me!

But, everyone is just RAVING about Season 7! I hope that I can be there soon to be SCARED TOO!

Great job by the whole TEAM!

(Hey, maybe that one guy worked for a competitor)

Crystal said...

I'm going to check it out tonight. I can't wait - it sounds awesome! I'm so happy that you're getting such a great response.