Monday, September 27, 2010

It's 37 minutes Suckas

Yes, the house is averaging 37-42 minutes. You heard me correctly, that's a long time. I will hear no complaints about the length of the experience this year. If you do complain then you are an idiot and you don't know how this works. Haunted houses typically don't take very long to walk through. It's all thrills at usually a 20 minute clip at most. But New Yorkers being the toughest audiences out there, i have had this complaint levied upon Nightmare for 6 years. Until now. As far as length is concerned, I believe we have figured it out.

My guess is complaining about the length of a haunted house is one of the vagaries of being in this biz. You just have to deal. It is hard to make it as long as people want it (which is...what? who knows?) but i believe 37-42 minutes is absolutely ample. And that is not being done by drawing it out pointlessly. It is because it is much bigger this year, and it is so interactive it actually takes a little while to do certain things. I am very proud we were finally able to accomplish a lengthy haunted house while still making it a meaningful experience. I mean, if i just wanted to make it long for long's sake i could just tell people to sit in a chair for 5 minutes in the dark to make it longer. But that would be silly and obvious, wouldn't it?


Frances said...

37 minutes? I am besides myself with curiousity.
See you and the Psycho Clan soon.

anthony0358 said...

I will tell all my friends that its
45 minutes

It sounds like a great experience

SarahM said...

Honestly, having gone through the house it was a good length. There was a point near the end where I was like- "okay, I'm sufficiently freaked out- when will this be over!" not complaining about the length at all- just iterating that the compounded freak after fright over the long time made each room even scarier and the 45 minutes seem like hours.

Kudos on a Job well done.

Never did I think it was too short, or too quick.