Monday, September 13, 2010


For those of you who care, I am so sorry i have not been updating my blog about all the cool stuff that is going on with Nightmare: Superstitions. I could not be more excited about this thing opening, and for all of you to partake in this extremely original haunted house. This year we really went for breaking the mold. How is that you ask? well, I am happy you did, here's how....

Experiential, experiential, experiential (like a mother f*cker). We still are adhering to our unique brand of theatricality; we still have a story and a through line and recurring characters and a beginning, middle and an know, all that shit. But i believe a mistake i made last year was being entirely too dependent on those devices, hoping that the empathy people felt for the characters would cause a fright when something bad happens to them. But what if your group misses something? you can't hear properly? Your group gets backed up and misses something altogether? then it kinda sucks. So what John Harlacher (my co-director) and I end up doing is finding the places that scares need to be added and get some more actors to hide in those spots and scare people. This happens every year. It is part of the process. And although those things do add startle scares, it pains me because there is nothing innovative or creative about implementing such things.

So, i decided instead of creating a story that is so theatrical it is destined to disappoint every third group, create a house where the scares themselves are what is theatrical so that i don't have to throw in a series of bullshit "boo-scares" at the last minute. Every scare in this house is unique, and in our trial and error sessions, they are all working like gangbusters. Optical Illusion is the name of the game. You will not know where the scare comes from. But i can give you some hints. If you don't want any (and honestly, i don't think you should), don't read any further. If you do, then watch out for the following:

Exits that aren't really exits
cracks that aren't really cracks
pennies that aren't really pennies
ceilings that become walls
animitronics that aren't animitronics
buttons that don't turn things off
Halls to nowhere
mirrors that don't work

want more? you'll just have to buy a ticket to Nightmare: Superstitions!

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anthony0358 said...

I think last year's house was my favorite because of the behind the scenes tour

This year's house sounds very different but I am sure its going to ROCK!

Cant wait to go