Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gun In Your Face Ideas

I am writing this post at 2:40 am on thursday morning. Tonight is our Time Out preview. 500 tastemakers have been invited for this sneak peek. It is supposed to be a preview, like any other show, but this crowd will be rather unforgiving if they aren't into it. Although we largely use this night to work out some kinks, as well as discover things that are scary that we didn't predict, and vice versa. All in all i think this may be the best house ever. And John Harlacher's warm up event, Fun House, is creepy, odd, twisted and hilarious. Very happy that it leads into Superstitions.

Anyway, this is even an EARLY night for me since i have been working on this house at some points literally around the clock. Tonight we had the final dress rehearsal. I am so proud at all of the unique costumes and scare tactics we have employed this year. It is so much different than in year's past, and I believe you will appreciate how scary it is, but also how much ingenuity when into it from so many different artists. And this is so important to me. I don't always "nail it," but whether the audiences think I do or not, I believe all ideas for rooms contributed to me by my collaborators have to rise to this level. Meaning, I will never incorporate a "gun in your face" idea. These are ideas that take no brainstorming. obviously they would be scary because they just are scary things that happen to people. As if a bunch of creative folks were sitting around a table and someone was like, "you know what i think is scary? someone putting a real gun to you head!"

Uh, yeah. that would be scary. Guns against my head are scary and dangerous. No debate there. No creativity either. They are easy ways out and I won't let the scarers lie down, so they do need to spend a lot of time with each other and ourselves to continue to develop characters and scenarios. Yet people give me guns against my head ideas all of the time. I won't do them. Anytime you physically assault someone of course it is going to be scary. At least temporarily. As artist you want to do better than that. Do i think if i isolated, bound and gagged people, and threw a bag over their head that they would be scared? Yes they would. But that jut requires you to not mind doing shit like that. Try scaring someone by maintaining four foot egresses, emergency exit signs clearly visible all over the place, no one touching you, clearly marked ways to go, etc. Its actually easy to do, you just hve to be creative and thats when the best ideas come to you. No guns in the face needed.

I have decided to keep all rambling, Spelling errors, run-ons, grammatical errors, etc to give you a sense of my mental state right now.


anthony0358 said...

good luck tonight!
I am so happy to have you back for Season 7

Daryl P. said...

I have honesly never been to this hauted house. would love to go the VVIP route but honestly dont have the money to. so im planning on going this sunday.and bringg some friends of course.
I know you say its easy to scare people with all the exit signs ext. but from all the haunts ive been to people do a horible job at it. and from what ive seen in posts about your past haunts. you do an amazing job. keep up the good work.