Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. Not really a Superstition so much as a folklore or urban legend. But last year when i asked the question "what are you superstitious about?" the number one answer I received was Bloody Mary. So who am i to judge? She now has a prominent role in the house. Oh, yes, you'll have to say it...

In case you are completely clueless about this most famous of all urban legends, Bloody Mary is a popular game played by female tweeners at slumber parties trying to freak each other out. What you do is go into a bathroom with nothing but a single candle and say the name "Bloody Mary" into the mirror three times (or a hundred times, or 13...people play it different ways and have different rules). What is supposed to happen is that she appears and either tears your eyes out, claws you to death or sucks you into the mirror with her, never to be seen again. Pretty scary game for a twelve year-old girl with braces. But who is appearing before you in the aforementioned mirror?

There are several theories here as well, but all of them suggest that the story has been told for so long that it has become an amalgam of several. The most popular theory is that Mary is Mary Worth a made up witch from the Salem witch trials who was wrongly accused of murdering children, who was then burned at the stake and is now coming back to seek revenge. This name has been mixed up with Mary I, or Mary Tudor, Queen of England who was a murderous ruler, plagued with a series of miscarriages which is why one sometimes plays the game with the line "Bloody Mary I stole your baby." Oddly, if you believed this was potentially true, would be a pretty antagonistic thing to say. I would imagine that would piss her off pretty good.

Then they made Candyman, which is basically the urban version of Bloody Mary. You might not think Bloody Mary is real. Nor that she will appear in your mirror if you say her name. But I bet your bottom dollar you don't go into your bathroom right now and say it...just in case. do it. Do It. DO IT! see you won't. haha


anthony0358 said...

I think I first heard about the folklore from the TV Series Supernatural and then the Movie
Bloody Mary Starring Kate Mara

Very cool

Crystal said...

Oh god! You're including Bloody mary in the house this year? Yeah... that's my number one most feared superstition too. Oh man, this is going to freak me out.