Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Auditions or sorry if i humiliated you

The last two days we had our auditions for the actors in Nightmare: Superstitions. I mostly let my co-director John Harlacher handle the duties, and he handled them like a champ. over 200 people came to audition and he knows how to find what he is looking for. But sometimes I miss those days where i sat there and made assholes out of people, so i will audition a few of the folks myself. And for those of you this year that had to endure my direction...I am very sorry. I know I make some very esoteric suggestions. I made some people get on the ground and cry like a baby and ask me to change their poopie diaper. I asked someone to explain that there house was on fire and that they needed me to help by only using the words "poopie caca." I asked many to bark like a cat and meow like a dog. I asked someone to make a scary fart sound. I know it may have seemed like i was effing with you, and i partly was, but i was also trying to see how big of a freak you truly are and how committed to being asked to do something insane you were. Most of you passed with flying colors! Thank you for your time and your patience. If you did not get in, stick around your phone; we have a list of people we will be calling when we need someone to take over or fill in, and we often do. It isn't because we didn't think you were an amazing scare artist, but Nightmare is unique in that each role is a specific character with its own costume, lines, story and plot points. That being the case, you may not have fit our description for any of the characters. No matter how scary of an SOB you are, if we couldn't find a place for you it was tough to cast you. But that doesn't mean we won't change or minds very soon.

And for those of you who we cast - congrats! You're going to have a blast scaring the poopie caca out of people.


Juliet Fitzgerald said...

And I quote: "Yell at her for not cleaning her room, then accuse her of not being your daughter, then laugh like a crazy person, then stop to think about something, then totally flip out at her again, then end the whole thing with a fart noise."

anthony0358 said...

Tim Haskell is a very scary boss

Good luck to the whole nightmare crew!

One more week to go!