Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nightmare Fans: check out this really cool Twitter promotion

We are doing some really cool things with our Nightmare Twitter feed this year. I think it will add to the over all fun. It will actually be a part of the experience. Keep reading:

You have to follow Nightmare Haunted House tweets, not just mine. If u follow my Tweets now, please continue to do so for I will be updating two or three times a day as soon as we begin to load in on August 23rd the crazy shit that is happening with the house. Any behind the scenes, anecdotal type of stories are going to come from me, but anything promotional is going to come from the Nightmare tweets.

Follow the Nightmare tweets here. Here is why you wanna do this. Starting with the opening night on September 24th, we will tweet one hour before start time when the box office opens a special promotion that you can only get from this tweet, and it is only good at the box office for one hour. For example, opening night starts at 7 pm. the box office will open at 6 pm. so at 6 pm we will tweet a code that you can use at the box office only between 6-7 pm. these will be for things like merchandise, free drinks at the bar, special back stage tours, going to the front of the line, getting to scare people in the house yourself, and other crazy shit that will be fun, fun FUN! but you must follow Nightmare on Twitter. To make it easier on yourself, you should allow for alerts.

The other sexy thing we will be doing with these tweets is that throughout the night we will tweet things to say that you can shout at the bad guys in the house that will make them die or go away. Or the line scarers who come up to you while you are waiting. we will give you instructions as to how to make them do certain things. It will be fun, fun FUN! So follow this Twitter account. None of these things will happen on any of our other social networks, nor on our website. This is unique to the Nightmare account, and will enhance your experience. Enjoy!


anthony0358 said...

this is fantastic!
We are all so excited about the Haunted House and using the Twitter is going to continue to enchace the experience

Anonymous said...