Monday, May 3, 2010

My real, but not so comprehensive, review of NMOES

Although not everyone knew it was a fake review that i wrote for NMOES last week (despite the fact that it was clearly noted at the end of the review), i wanted to chime in after i really saw this movie. However, i don't feel like writing anything extensive because the fake review was one for the ages.

So basically, the movie was not nearly as bad as ALL of the reviews said. In fact, it isn't much better or worse than the original. Critics have nostalgia on their minds because most of them were teens when the movie came out so they feel like it was better. But truth be told, it was kind of just the same. which isn't to say it was scary at all. I realized that if u make the movie in the way that they ended up making this movie - which is to say as a slasher flick just like the original, then it really doesn't matter who plays Freddy. The movie wastes the talents of Jackie Earle Haley. Freddy, in at least how they decided to tell this story, says one-liners, lurks, pounces and then kills. With all due respect to Robert Englund, pretty much anyone can do this. I was hoping they were going to make a more complex character than either the original or this remake did.

But this remake was made in the same vain as the original, and that is what i consider to be the flaw of the film. But it is indeed well made, and no less scary than the original imho. so there.

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