Friday, January 8, 2010


For some crazy reason I was not invited to the premiere of Daybreakers, the new vampire flick starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Defoe. But I am going to see it today and post a review over the weekend. I care because it is a real vampire film. Not just real in that it is not a tweener vampire film or tv show or what have you, but also in that word has it that it is pretty good. The NY Times gave it an excellent review today and Time Out NY both of which describes vampires closer to the ones I was trying to replicate in my haunted house this year with Nightmare: Vampires. So I am anxious to see it. And perhaps instead of seeing Avatar for the third time (a brilliant film mind you. I am going to see it twice at least), or taking a flyer on Sherlock Holmes (don't. It's entertaining enough but thoroughly dismissible), go and give this indy some numbers. We need to send a message that we actually like our monsters monstrous or else they are going to keep giving us the ones that sparkle instead.


anthony0358 said...

I agree with you
I want to see this movie as well
Our Vampires need to be Scary

[bitter] said...

I am rather anxious to hear your feedback. This is a movie I am eager to see, even if I do secretly like things that sparkle, too.