Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monster Links Madness

KINDERTRAUMA wants you to "Name that Trauma" from an early childhood television show

ZOMBOSCLOSET reports on the Top 50 Horror Movie Trailers of all time

EVIL ON TWO LEGS creates the Top List of Horror Movies he has never seen but should have

RUE MORGUE is selling Rue Morgue belt buckles

reviews two horror books

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kyle Maynard Amputee, Ultimate Fighter

My buddy John Harlacher, who I work with on Nightmare Haunted House, sent me this link via email with the comment "Holy Wierd." I think that's about right:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Join Me on Twitter

So this Twitter thing...what the ef? People are going nuts for this, and everyone is using it for all sorts of reasons. And if an obscure talent like Oprah Winfrey starts Tweeting, then so shall I! So, Become one of my followers on Twitter! right now. Move it.

In case you need a little introduction to Twitter and all the things it could do for you and your haunted attraction, I did a pretty decent podcast about this stuff with a social networking guru named Kevin Keating in NYC. I actually think you could get a lot out of it if you don't know all about it already. My advice either way though - do it. Whether you like it or not, social networking is here to stay and you need to follow the trends. My guess is by September there will be a whole new thing that "everyone is doing" and I will do a podcast about that.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haunted House, Haunted House, Horror, Horror Movie, Scary

As all of you have certainly noticed, I have implemented Google Adwords onto this site. Slightly annoying, I know, but i was told that they would match my content and would help me make a few bucks, so why the hell not, right? If they were relevant to my content, the little ads could even be helpful, no? I was also told that Google would know what to put on my site based on my content. But I am getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing because i am getting a bunch of ads that couldn't be further from relevant (I would point them out, but then i would be adding them to my content, not that it matters much). So for the record, Google:

Haunted House Haunted House Haunted House, Horror, Horror, Horror, Horror Movie, Horror Movies, Scary, Scary Movies, All things Scary, Scary Things, Monsters, Killers, Blood, Gore, fright, Frightening, Timothy Haskell, Scary Stuff. Read That Google.

What the Ef else do you want Googs?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How The Hell You Scare People

This is episode 9 of my podcast of "How The Hell You Do That". This one is with Richard Jordan, who is one of the most incredible performers in my haunted house. He teaches us how to scare people in a haunted house. It is not that amazing to be completely honest with you, I've done better. It is not so easy to teach people how to scare people in 4 minutes. You kind of just have to be one of those kind of people. Or deformed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Orphan" Trailer

This trailer was brought to my attention this morning. I hadn't really heard about this release, but after watching this preview, i am now eagerly anticipating it. I can be a sucker like that.

I remember once a friend of mine who is a huge comic book nerd went and saw Godzilla (you know, the one set in New York) and was incredibly underwhelmed and disappointed. He was so looking forward to it and wanted it to be as amazing as the marketing campaign. Shortly after it came out on DVD he saw another preview for it and thought to himself, "that does look good. Maybe I was wrong about that movie, let me give it another shot," and he went out and bought the DVD. And then hated it again, this time more because he felt so stupid about being duped twice. So the moral of the story - don't trust trailers, but this one does look good and it star Peter Saarsgard, who I have a major man crush on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Transworld Haunt Show 2009

We put together a video of my little trip to the Transworld Haunt Show in St. Louis, MO March 27th-29th. If you were there, or even if you weren't...enjoy!

Fight Fest

Here it is folks, the first ever theatrical festival of shows with lots of fighting, aptly titled FIGHT FEST. As many of you know, when I am not obsessing about horror or haunted houses I direct theatre. And when I direct theatre I often direct pieces that have tons of stage combat. Some of my biggest theatrical successes have been in this genre. So i was approached by The Brick theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to co-produce/ curate this festival along with another wonderful fighting troupe, The Vampire Cowboys. The festival is in December of this year, and we are looking for up to 20 solid fight shows. A fight show, by our criteria, has at least 25% fight choreography. I will also premiere my latest fight extravaganza, tentetively titled "Battle Me" written by the brilliant Eric Sanders, and choreographed by my guy, the amazing Rod Kinter. It will also be starring Taimak from my Road House production (he is also the star of The Last Dragon).

Anyway, you can get the application and all of the information here. If you have a fight show, please apply. It is going to be the most action-packed, electrifying theatrical festival ever!