Monday, November 2, 2009

What a Weekend!

Amazing. We had the biggest weekend ever at Nightmare. In all 6 years we have never had more people come on Halloween. By a large margin. Very exciting. Thanks to everyone who came, hopefully you had a good time. It was pretty berserk, crowded, rushed, testy, and a bunch of other things, but that's what makes Halloween Halloween. I tell people to go on other nights, but I guess there is nothing like going to a haunted house on Halloween!

But we ain't done yet. These vamps are still alive before the stake goes in them on November 7th. Then the sun will rise and you will see these vampires no more. And this week can be fun. Slower, smaller groups so we can really sink our teeth into ya. So if you haven't come yet, you should. There are loads of discounts out there right now (use the code LATE) and if you have been already and had a good time, wanna go back but can't afford to - you can now. Bring in your ticket stub to the house on Wednesday and Thursday and get in for FREE! Pretty cool right? Just buy some merch. Just kidding. but seriously.

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anthony0358 said...

That is such a great offer!
I have to tell everyone to save their stubs and go back

I am very glad to hear that you all did a great deal of business on Saturday