Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet The Vampires: Richard Chase

Richard Chase, the Vampire killer of Sacramento. At an early age he would kill animals, eat their entrails and drink their blood. That turned into the winter of 1977 in Sacramento, California, over the course of several weeks when he randomly shot and killed six separate unsuspecting victims simply because the door was left open. His victims ranged from the elderly to an infant, all of whom had their organs removed, entrails ripped out and eaten and were sexually assaulted. He claimed he had to kill these people not because he wanted to, but he had to due to a rare blood disease that required him to constantly replenish his blood with the blood of others. His murders inspired the book The Dracula Killer, by Lt. Ray Biondi and Walt Hecox. In 1992, a movie called “Unspeakable” was made based on Chase as a model for the killer. His case is still used by the FBI as the archetypal model for understanding the disorganized killer.


anthony0358 said...

His display in the MoVA was really scary, but I think you can only appreciate it during the Museum Hours.

During the show we all have to fun for our lives!

What a great season of Nightmare
Year 666 was the best one yet

Timothy Haskell said...

thank you as always anthony

Anonymous said...
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