Friday, November 20, 2009

Come See My Play Last Life!

For those of you who know anything about me past Haunted Houses and scary stuff know that my main thing is that I am actually a theatre director. my raison d'etre is actually stage combat, or what I call "fightsicals". To that point, I am actually helping produce an entire festival dedicated to the art of stage violence called Fight Fest at a theatre in Brooklyn called The Brick. In addition to curating the festival of over 10 plays that focus on smashing people in the face and running them through, I am premiering my own play, Last Life written by Eric Sanders, Fight Choreographed by Rod Kinter and starring Taimak from The last Dragon. It is easily my most brutal Fight play to date, as well as the most based on real fighting. check out this promotional video. It opens on December 4th, I expect to see you there, or you'll get a knuckle sandwich!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Nightmare Vampires "Behind the Scenes" Action

We were going to project this shadow fight between the shadow of Nosferatu and the shadow of one of the vampire maniacs who were attacking the museum. So me and John Harlacher (my co-director) recorded this ill-fated video that was to be projected. I deemed it awful and never used it. but i thought you might think it was funny:

When that one didn't come out the way I wanted it to we did this even stupider one with stick figures in an attempt to be funny. It just wasn't funny enough:

so we ended up projecting actual clips from the movie instead.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You

Nightmare Patrons

It it with great sadness that Nightmare Vampires has concluded. This house was very special to me for i tried something different this year, which is always a risk. I believe that risk largely paid off, though there is plenty that I learned. I cannot thank you enough for your support in helping make this one of the most successful Nightmares ever. I also thank you for all of your kind words and constructive suggestions. I am a theatre director, and in that it is always important to me that we are attempting to not be the run of the mill haunted house. To be completely honest, I know how to simply scare people. Everyone does. Turn off all the lights, have a bunch of people jump out at you, put you in precarious positions, have some more people jump out at you, do something gross, and then the end. But that doesn't make it a very creative or interesting haunted house or event. That's not terribly innovative, either. I just described the vast majority of haunted houses. It works, but I want something more transcendent. This year I was trying some things with a storyline and immersing you into an actual event. For some this worked famously, for others they missed the old Nightmare that had more thrills and chills per second than this one might have. And this has taught me something. Although it is important to create something wholly unique, and I do believe the vast majority of our audience appreciated the story elements, I cannot overlook the experiential facet to all of this. You like having things done TO you, and a lot of it. And this is precisely why we are doing Superstitions next year, and I want to hear what your superstitions are. I will also be researching superstitions from our culture as well as those from around the world. And this house will be completely experiential. I will maintain a theatricality and story element, but every room will have something happening to you, not just something you watch. Superstitions lends itself to that. Basically, you are going to be confronted with things that the majority of you are superstitious about NOT doing and then make you do it anyway! This is going to mess with you on a whole new level. The ideas are flowing, and we are focusing on the scary. This will be the best of all the Nightmares you have experienced. I have heard your thoughts, comments and reactions. I know exactly what you are looking for. And I'm gonna give it to ya!

See you next year at Nightmare Superstitions!
Timothy Haskell

Click here to tell us what your Superstitions are

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet The Vampires: Richard Chase

Richard Chase, the Vampire killer of Sacramento. At an early age he would kill animals, eat their entrails and drink their blood. That turned into the winter of 1977 in Sacramento, California, over the course of several weeks when he randomly shot and killed six separate unsuspecting victims simply because the door was left open. His victims ranged from the elderly to an infant, all of whom had their organs removed, entrails ripped out and eaten and were sexually assaulted. He claimed he had to kill these people not because he wanted to, but he had to due to a rare blood disease that required him to constantly replenish his blood with the blood of others. His murders inspired the book The Dracula Killer, by Lt. Ray Biondi and Walt Hecox. In 1992, a movie called “Unspeakable” was made based on Chase as a model for the killer. His case is still used by the FBI as the archetypal model for understanding the disorganized killer.

What a Weekend!

Amazing. We had the biggest weekend ever at Nightmare. In all 6 years we have never had more people come on Halloween. By a large margin. Very exciting. Thanks to everyone who came, hopefully you had a good time. It was pretty berserk, crowded, rushed, testy, and a bunch of other things, but that's what makes Halloween Halloween. I tell people to go on other nights, but I guess there is nothing like going to a haunted house on Halloween!

But we ain't done yet. These vamps are still alive before the stake goes in them on November 7th. Then the sun will rise and you will see these vampires no more. And this week can be fun. Slower, smaller groups so we can really sink our teeth into ya. So if you haven't come yet, you should. There are loads of discounts out there right now (use the code LATE) and if you have been already and had a good time, wanna go back but can't afford to - you can now. Bring in your ticket stub to the house on Wednesday and Thursday and get in for FREE! Pretty cool right? Just buy some merch. Just kidding. but seriously.