Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet The Vampires: Vlad Tepes

VLAD III, THE PRINCE OF WALLACHIA: More commonly known as Vlad The Impaler, Vlad Tepes, or simply Dracula. He is considered a savior in Wallachia (modern day Romania) but is mostly known as the person Bram Stoker named his character Dracula after. His Romanian surname "Draculea" means "Son of the Dragon" and is derived from his father's title, Vlad the Dragon. The word Dracul" means "The Devil" in modern Romanian, but in Vlad's day also meant "dragon" and derives from the Latin word "Draco", also meaning "dragon." Vlad III eventually came to be referred to as "Dracula"

The moniker Vlad The Impaler (Tepes) came as a result of the brutal way he would dispatch of his country’s enemies. Bram Stoker likely thought there was no more bloodthirsty of a figure in the annals of history than Vlad and the perfect character basis for his monster.


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