Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet The Vampires: Peter Kurten

Another entry in our Meet the Vampires series. These are all vampires you will get to know upon visiting Nightmare: Vampires:

Peter Kürten,
the monster of Duffeldorf, was a necrophiliac, rapist, and cold-blooded killer. He would stab and kill animals as he was raping them, and staged an “accidental” death of two boys when he was 9. Starting in 1913 he went on to rape and murder up to 13 children with ages ranging from 5 to 14 years old. All of them he would suck their blood from their heads or neck in order to get aroused and achieve orgasm. He had an orgasm when he bit the head off a swan, and when he beat a 5-year old’s head in with a hammer and the blood spouted in the air and over his face, he also had an orgasm he said. At his trial he admitted to everything, was sentenced to death in 1931, His last wishes were that he could hear his own blood babble after his head was cut off. It was not something the courts could accommodate. His story is told in the book The Dracula Syndrome.

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