Friday, October 23, 2009

It's 27-30 Minutes Long!

One of the Biggest complaints for Nightmare: Vampires (and reading up about others), is how long the house is. It's not just Nightmare, people bitch about it about all haunted houses. "It takes 10 minutes!!!", "scary, but then its over in like 7 minutes!!", "nothing is worth 3 minutes and 4 rooms!!!". Ok, ok, ok, for all of you that say these things in public forums - BLOW IT OUT YOUR EAR! Nightmare is being consistently clocked in between 27-30 minutes long. And if you don't believe me, bring an effin' stopwatch and time it yourself. The other houses that you say this about are probably longer as well.

I understand you enjoy going through these things, and I understand you want to get value for your dollar, but I would have to rent out Giants Stadium in order to make it the length you want it. It is just not conceivable. Our house is nearly 7000 square feet. that's pretty big for a haunted house. You know how long it would take for you to walk that if there was nothing in it? I mean, gimme a break. If you don't think 27-30 minutes is worth it, then consider this fair warning, but if you do, don't complain when it is over, and don't suggest that it wasn't that long. We have done some serious research on this because it is very important to us. we have been clocking over a hundred groups in the past week. And I am happy to report that it is one of the longest haunted houses that I know of. So it is up to you. But I will have a vampire really suck your blood if you whine about it otherwise!

obviously, this is a pet peeve of mine :-)


jeanine said...

I dont think it was too long at all! It was the perfect legnth for a haunted house!! Some people are dumb..sorry!

anthony0358 said...

I have been to the show and to the $5 tour on Mondays and Tuesdays
The $5 tour takes me about 1 hour because I stop to read all the materials

The show does take 30 minutes,
I looked at my cell before I turned it off and I put it on just as we got out of the last room!

The House is simply well, perfect!

Its just about the perfect length
Just long enough to keep your heart racing with fright. But not too long that it seems boring.

There are two floors of terror filled rooms and you have to walk down a flight of stairs.

I think that during the show, you lose all sense of time and you don't realize it.

Trust me, I am an Accountant, numbers are my life and I keep to a strict schedule
Its 30 minutes

End of discussion

One more chance for me to thank everyone working at Nightmare for making my Halloween very special!