Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Slow

As much as the energy and the spirit of Halloween is infectious on a crazy Saturday night (and not to diminish that effect, it does add a lot to the experience), if you are looking for a longer, more concentrated and focused haunted house experience, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the way to go. There are crowds, but no where near the throngs as there are on a Saturday night at 8 pm. I like for the groups to be between 8-10 people, with about 5 minutes in between each group so there is no chance of them catching up with each other and so the actors can play out their entire scene without having to speed it up some so that the next group doesn't run into the current one. On a crazy night, the groups are slightly larger, and the gap between groups is less. We want everyone to get in and have a good time, without having to wait for ever (because we all know that dampens a good time more than anything).

There are obvious good reasons to come on Fridays and Saturdays, but there are equally good reasons to come Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We'll really go atcha on those nights, you just see. And what's more, to encourage people to go on those nights this week, October 13th and 14th (as well as the 15th) we are offering $20 tickets (that's $10 off!) for those performances only if you use the code HUMP1 when purchasing your tickets. Hope you take advantage of this offer, and believe me when I tell you these nights are special.


anthony0358 said...

This is such a great offer
I am planning to attend the Haunted House on a Tuesday night!

To everyone working at NightMare

Thank you so much for working so hard to scare all of us!

amyn said...

I am a single mother and I work at narconon drug rehab and I would love to have the time to visit some haunted
houses. Anyone have any advice?

timothy said...

yeah, visit NIGHTMARE: VAMPIRES! (