Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Say "Eat a Tic-Tac"

When people get nervous they making pithy jokes. Unoriginal, pat, pithy jokes. Since I myself have performed in the house a bunch this year, I hear the same ones i have heard over and over again for the past 6 years. In a nutshell, one of our guys jump out at you. They scream or yell or howl or hiss, or what have you at you. And then you, the patron says "Your breath stinks", "eat a tic-tac", "lifesaver", "mentos", "brush your teeth", etc., etc. etc. We get it. If you humiliate our performers than they become less scary, and that is why you are at the haunted house, right? to figure out how many different ways to make it less scary! wait a minute...

Yes, these folks are trying to scare you, but deep down inside, believe it or not they are people. So when they are busting their asses to scare you, don't make a comment about their breath. Everyone in your group will laugh, and they may even give you a high-five or a pound and then blow it up, but the performer has heard that 2000 times that night alone. his/ her breath likely does not stink. You say that because they got in your face and it is a funny, mean thing to say. But I just want you to know how unoriginal you are. You are not funny. It really doesn't hurt their feelings, they are used to it and they know it is just something people say. And in fact, all of our actors are required to eat a tic-tac before they start.

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anthony0358 said...

I want to thank everyone at Nightmare for all your hard work to scare us all season long!
Right now the entire team is in the middle of working 13 straight days without a day off (Oct 20 to Nov 1)

And the woman who plays Supergirl in my profile photo, she worked at Nightmare during 2006

Everyone on the staff is working very hard and we should extend our appreication!