Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet the Vampires!

Think Nightmare: Vampires is going to be 20 rooms about Edward Cullen and Anne Rice? Think again. Although we do address them, we focus more on other vampires that aren't from movies or books. But ones that people consider(ed) real. As well as creating our own vampire legend. I would like to introduce you to one of our vampires in separate blog posts. The first is the Celtic vampire, Dearg-Dul:

Dearg-Dul, which means “red blood-sucker” in Celtic is a beautiful fairy who lures its victims into a trysting place with their charms, although they are incredibly strong and possess magical powers. They can only be defeated by burying them in the ground and piling rocks on top of the grave, and a sprig of holly to sap their magic.”


Crystal said...

I'll have to remember to bring a sprig of holly with me XD

Frances said...

Looks like I'll be downtown at least once a week this year.
My credit card bill is going to be insane in November!
I'll have my sprig of holly handy.

Juliet said...

I like the word "sprig."