Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet The Vampires pt. 3

Betcha Never heard of this one! You'll meet her at Nightmare Vampires:

Penanggalan of Malaysia consists only of a head and some entrails. A Penanggalan is almost always a woman, whose head magically tears from its body, dragging her spine and internal organs along with it. It literally means "head with dancing intestines." Generally they feed on the blood of children, particularly infants, and the blood from childbirth. The Penanggalan's powers include dripping a sort of slime from her intestines that cause disease, while these viscera, particularly the small intestine, can be manipulated like tentacles. By day, in some versions, she returns to the rest of her body, and this requires dipping her organs in large quantities of vinegar. To protect against a Penanggalan attack is to scatter the thorny leaves of a local plant known as Mengkuang which would either trap or injure the exposed lungs, stomach and intestines as it flies in search of its prey.

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anthony0358 said...

You guys are doing such a great job!
I hope to view the house very soon