Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brooklyn Art Department is BAD

I cannot say enough about our art department this year (Brooklyn Art Department). They always do an incredible job, but they are really blowing me away like they never have before. They have taken it to a whole new level. I think it is because they were challenged with the most prop heavy house we have ever done. Part of the success this year will hinge on them. They have risen to this challenge. One of the things I take the most pride in with Nightmare is that it is wholly unique. I mean this in the literal sense. You will not see anything in this haunted house that is seen in any other because we make virtually everything from scratch. we don't buy or stuff from haunted house and halloween catalogs. And this is due in large part to our scenic shop and our art department.

The heads of the team, Justin and Aaron Haskell, have created incredibly lifelike structures of famous and not-so-famous vampires from history and the media. In addition to finely crafted versions of Bill Compton and Edward Cullen and their ilk, they also did their research and recreated close resemblances to some of the vampire serial killers we feature in the MOVA (Museum of Vampyric Artifacts) like Peter Kurten, Richard Chase and John George Haigh. Quite the creep show! In addition to meeting the demands of trying to recreate a phony museum with lifelike figures, they have also created nifty gimmicky bits like a Mother Mary and St. Francis Statue that spit blood at you, pretend "artifacts" that allegedly belonged to real vampires throughout history, giant lifelike sheep that you wouldn't want to count to sleep, an enormous replica stain-glass window of the devil striking down an angel, a precise reconstruction of the Joshua Hoffine Lady Bathory photo with fake people instead of real, and much, much more. These guys are tops in the haunt industry. I go to the haunted house conventions every year and I have never seen the kind of artistry at those things that I have seen here.

It may seem like I am over the top with this, but this is coming from my own excitement. I truly can't believe what they were able to accomplish this year, and I am so proud that they work for Nightmare. Hopefully you will appreciate the art of this house in ways you might not have before. All the more reason to go to the house and get the wits scared out of you first, and then join us on a Monday or Tuesday from noon to 5 pm when we will open the doors for people to tour the house as if it was really a vampire museum for only $5. Then you can appecriate the little details that will be missed when you are running for your life away from vampyric bad guys.

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