Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boo Scares

I want to make something clear to everyone who is going to the haunted house this year. I had a nice conversation last night with four folks who have come to Nightmare every year. They enjoyed the house, and got scared, but their advice was "we need more boo scares." This of course makes me cringe. If i could build a house without a single "boo-scare" i would be thrilled. This is because there is nothing creative about it. i could just create a haunted house called Nightmare: Hallway where i build a long hallway with slots for people to poke their heads out, and as you walk down it, they all boo-you. awesome right? well, believe it or not, this is what some people want. I ain't gonna give it to them. I have worked too hard this year to create the first haunted house with a real story that you become invested in, that is creepy, that has real ambiance, and makes you feel something other than being startled. Sure, there are plenty of boo-scares also to go around, it is a haunted house after all, but don't expect this to be Nightmare: Hallway. It is better than that.