Monday, September 14, 2009

Are Vampires Scary?

To be honest, vampires scared the turds out of me when i was younger, but they have become so assimilated into pop-culture that whatever danger they presented before has become commonplace and pacified. I have heard this concern from others, as well: "I Love Nightmare, but I am not afraid of Vampires, could this possibly be scary?" And I know where you are coming from. Although, I would be interested in this house as an outsider because I love all things horror, and if nothing else vampires and vampire stories are fun. But let me assure you that I understand your fear, and can allay it.

What makes one unafraid of something is familiarity. Familiarity breeds several things, including comfort. You may be afraid of going to a new school the first day, but after a month you don't want to go still, but you ain't afraid of it. The unknown is the most terrifying thing. I see it when people are waiting to go into the haunted house. Right before they go in they are as terrified as they ever will be. It is my goal to capture that feeling throughout the house. Always leaving them/ You to fear the unknown. Have nothing become commonplace.

Last year a pattern that i didn't even realize was there formed that someone pointed out to me. It was a complimentary email I received, but they had some constructive criticism that was very helpful. They recognised a pattern of how many actors/ scarers were in each room. So eventually they became comfortable with how many times they were going to have someone come at them in a room. It started to become a lot less scary. I didn't put a certain number of actors in each room on purpose, it was just what was needed for those rooms, but i didn't recognize the pattern. This year we have some rooms with no one in it, and some rooms just teeming with people. This is a whole new ball game. so thanks to that constructive patron, there will be no comfort for you this year!

So how does this all relate to Vampires? In every way. You think you are so familiar with them that they don't present any unique threat. You'd be wrong. I take care of the Edward Cullen's and the Bill Compton's and the Lestat's of the world very early on. The rest is a house teeming with beasts you are wholly unfamiliar with, who do things in a way that you have never encountered and will not be comfortable with. These guys are scary. They scared me as I did my research. I think I could teach a course on the occult and the history of vampires now. The thirst for blood is a messy bit of business, and every "thing" in this house is based on something real. It is unsettling to know what kind of evil lurks in this world. especially when its comes after YOU.

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anthony0358 said...

I am very excited about the Haunted House, and now I finally signed up on Blogspot so I can follow all the blogs and updates
I hope that this fall season is a huge success!

I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope to be there several times in early October