Wednesday, August 19, 2009

True Blood: The Biggest Sucker Episodes 8 and 9

I gotta be honest, although the last two episodes of True Blood have quite possibly been two of the best shows in its two season existence, I am now loading in my haunted house Nightmare so i don't really have time to write full analysis of who the biggest suckers were in those episodes. So no teaser suckers, just the suckers:

Episode 8: Reverend Newlin. Cuckolded and unsupported by his followers when the vampires came for blood, he is a true foo' and our biggest sucker. Where's your god now, SUCKA!

Episode 9: The town folks who partake in Maryann's orgies that make them black out and wake up in pain and in precarious positions. Out of all of them, is there seriously not one of them that thinks somethings up? I guess not, and they are going down clown. Sucka punks.

sorry, that's all i gots. I will spend more time on the final, exciting, three episodes.

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