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True Blood: The Biggest Sucker Episodes 6 & 7

So apparently I'm destined to continually fall behind on these postings. Instead of writing two back to back, i am just going to wrap up the last two weeks' episodes in one posting. But man almighty, what a great pair of episodes. Cheese Wiz this show is good. I couldn't be more pleased with the current plot lines and the direction it is going towards its "exciting conclusion." Now if i can only get the show to be a sponsor of my haunted house (it is about vampires for christ's sake! and they have a new drink hitting the market around the same time that we open! but anyway...):

Episode 6: "Hard-Hearted Hannah".

this episode was one of those episodes where all the potential suckers from the previous weeks all had what was coming to them. I sincerely don't know if i could pinpoint who the biggest sucker was because the whole TB universe was designed to be chumped. but I'll give it a shot. but it may result in a tie. I'm gonna start writing and I'll see what happens.

Was it Sam Merlotte who finally, after 5 agonizing weeks of staving off the inevitable, got what we all knew was going to happen which was Daphne turning on him and selling him down the river to Maryann. And man was she mean about it. She wasn't even like, "I don't want to do this Sam, it pains me to hurt you, but she's gotta me by the horns and I can't seem to shake her so i have got to do it" No, she was more like, "You a bitch Sam Merlotte, I punk'd you like you were Ashton Kucher's nutsack," when only moments before that she was telling him how he was the love of her life. ouch. How on earth is this guy ever gonna trust another woman again? Thank god he is a fictional character. But was he the biggest sucker? maybe.

Was it Sookie who all season has been told that this mission of infiltrating the Light of Day Institute was going to be dangerous and end badly? Bill begged her not to do it, yet she did it anyway. We all saw coming to the point where she was last week's biggest sucker because of it. She got got, locked up and sold down the river. Her naiveté, or perhaps her arrogance, clouded her judgment and now she is in a cage with that other human stiff who is also dating a vampire. maybe, maybe, maybe.

Was it Jason who finally went through with sleeping with the preacher's the g-d church for crying out loud!? He was certainly a sucker for her wiles (read: hot bod) and could not control himself. But he is simple folk, the kind of salt-of-the-earth type who thinks with his wiener because he's a man goddammit and that's what men do. And while she was sucking so was he. But was he the biggest sucker? oooooh, maybe.

Was it Bill who never saw that Eric actually had designs on Sookie (whether romantic or otherwise is still unclear) this whole time and never saw it coming? Eric the Blond dialed up Bill's maker to put him on lockdown and keep Sookie all to himself. We'll see what happens there. But Bill had to be curious why Eric would go out of his way to tolerate her insolence this whole time, and now the truth comes to light that it might be because he wants to put his stake inside of her. maybe it was him. it would be the first time for Bill. he is such a cool customer. But it isn't.

it's Sam again. sorry sucka.

Episode 7: "Release Me"

Now the heat really turned up. I truly loved this episode. it was intense and action-packed and is definitely setting up the final episodes beautifully. The only thing that will piss me off is if this "show-down" they have been promising for weeks doesn't happen until the final episode. They gotta get to this now, no more mister nice guy. At this point it would just be stalling. But as we all know, Suckers make this world go round, so let's get to it. Who was the biggest sucker for Week 7:

Was it Sheriff Bud Dearborne? what? that's the first time his name has been mentioned isn't it? And he didn't do anything particularly stupid, but he does suffer from Scully. This is the disease derived from the X-Files' Agent Scully played by Gillian Anderson. The properties of this sickness is that no matter how acclimated you are to all the weirdness the world has to offer, you still don't believe anything out-of-the-ordinary and treat people like they are crazy when they proffer a theory that is remotely supernatural. In Scully's case the she was abducted by aliens, had sex with them, shared a smoothie with a few, and would still never believe that there were aliens. or anything odd for that matter. Here, Andy Bellefleur came to Dearborne reporting that something tantamount to a zombie trance orgy party happened at Sookie's house vis-a-vis Maryann. That doesn't even have to be supernatural per se, but Dearborne told him he was crazy anyway. This is in a world were vampires are an accepted part of life. Wouldn't you say, "hey, nothing is crazier than vampires walking amongst us, so anything is possible?" but he doesn't. He accuses Bellefleur of being drunk and that was that. It is so strange to me in storytelling when people are incredulous despite aby reason to be incredulous. What could be so far-fetched about zombie orgy trance? that's is only going to lead to his ruination, but since he is a newcomer, I wouldn't say he was the biggest sucker.

Was it that guy Hugo who went to the Fellowship with Sookie as the other human dating a vampire, only to turn out to be the traitor, and then learn that the people he was selling his secrets to turned on him and could give two cents about his survival? Now he is hated by the vampires and the humans. To trust that betraying the vampires was a good idea, and to trust jesus freaks for anything makes him an enormous sucker. He would be the biggest sucker hands down any other week, but this week, there is an even bigger one...

Daphne (and i know i have only posed 3 possibilities, but jesus, i gotta go). She takes the cake. after her monologue about how Maryann is god and/ or the devil and is supreme and beautiful and all-powerful, blah, blah et al etc., Maryann then kills her for her. oopsie boops. no take backs. Sucker.

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