Wednesday, August 26, 2009

True Blood: The Biggest Sucker Episodes 10

As a season winding down is wont to do, things are really starting to heat up around here. I almost don't want it to because that means no more True Blood for awhile and i need my fix. But at least we get Dexter in a couple of weeks, and I love that show just as much. And then there is Vampire Diaries on network TV. Yeah, no.

So now onto who was the biggest sucker for week 10. This one is actually a little tougher because all of the major characters have brought their A-Games so they are not acting so stupidly. And it is also tough because the entire town of Bon Temps is possessed by Maryann, and i picked them last week, so despite acting like a band of buffoons, I can't pick them again. So it really only gives me the lead characters to choose from, and the dumbest one of that bunch is always Jason, so...

Was it Jason Stackhouse? He now seems to think he is some sort of superhero just because he was able to shoot Steve Newell in the face with a paint ball, and the vampires seem to like him a'ight. So much so that when the Dallas travelers arrived back into town and saw the havoc that had been wrought, and the fact that everyone had turned into a black-eyed zombie the first thing he thought to do was load up on some nail guns and kick some ass. He would be the biggest sucker if he wasn't actually successful. He did end up saving Sam Merlotte and executing his plan. So although he went in like a bat out of hell, and probably should have had it handed to him, he didn't, so i guess he wasn't such a big sucker after all.

Was it Tara who after being saved from possession by Bill and Sookie the first thing she says is, "we've gotta go save Eggs!" No you don't. Why would that be a good idea? And speaking of which, does anyone else believe that Lafayette could beat up Eggs? Because he did in week 9 and i never addressed that. I'll admit, Lafayette works out and probably can handle himself, but Eggs is enormous. He actually looks like there is something wrong with him he is so big. as if his torso is actually a giant goiter. and he is like 6'6". So, can Lafayette beat his ass? no. But ultimately Tara is not the biggest sucker this week because the episode ended there. so if it happens it will happen next week.

I don't even need to pose who was the biggest sucker as a question. Anyone who watched the show knows the answer to this. You cringed when it happened. It is undoubtedly Sam Merlotte who fell for the cheapest horror genre trick there is (this side of falling down in the woods) - a bad guy (in this case the possessed waitress Arlene) acting like a god guy in distress so that the hero comes and helps and then the bad gets 'em. Classic. Sam was suspicious at first, but in the true nature of this column which diagrams how even in the most sophisticated entries into the genre (which i think True Blood is), horror requires people to make really dumb decisions in order to progress the storyline, so he went anyway. He had to. He wouldn't have got caught any other way. Sure, maybe it is easy for us to say that he was a sucker because we could see the fact that the filmmakers were hiding her eyes from us, and the character on the other end of the phone didn't know that. But he knew, he did, and he went anyway. And then he got caught. And then Jason acted like a god and was successful (i am sure that will go to his head) and saved him.

I don't know if this world can handle anymore suckers these last two episodes, but let's watch and find out.

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