Monday, August 3, 2009

Monster Link Madness

That sonofabitch Mark Blankenship over at The Critical Condition continues to write his True Blood confessional with his very own "Sucker Punch" column. Goddamnit why does he have to be so damn witty and clever?

My man Joshua Hoffine (who has designed a room in my upcoming haunted house, and has created an exclusive photo just for me!), is selling the photo that made him famous for a very, very good price.

Bloody-Disgusting announces that James Wan (you know, that "Saw" guy...and "Dead Silence" which i was actually fairly creeped out by), will be directing a big screen version of Castlevania, the Nintendo game. I mention it because it is about vampires, and Castlevania is featured in my upcoming haunted house.

From the website that refuses to give my haunted house any love, Fearnet, has a good story analyzing the veracity of several big-name "based on true events" horror movies.

IGN has exclusive interviews with several members of my favorite network tv show "Lost". I have a love/hate relationship with this show. it drives me nuts.

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