Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Going On With Nightmare?

Well, let me tell you. We are in the middle of deciding on a venue for this year's event. We have been looking around extensively for a new home while also negotiating with the venue we have been using for the past 5 years in the lower east side. We are keeping all options open right now and are going to go with the one that fits city regulations the best, comes at the fairest deal, has management that we can deal, and maybe most importantly, fits the ethos of our haunted house the most. We currently have several good options that fit those bills. We should know where we are doing it this year with certainty within the next couple of weeks. It may be where we have always done it, it may not be.

Next, last year there was some grief we received for having a SAW room in our smaller house. Well this year there isn't going to be a smaller house (we are doing one very big house and a black magic show that you sit and watch as a performance called Nightmare 666), and I would never sell out the main event in that way. But Lionsgate is interested in working with us again, but at a larger price tag. I saw that as an opportunity to create an amazing lobby installation that everyone could enjoy for FREE in addition to the other events. What I came up with is pretty fun and will start your evening off with a bang right from the minute you walk into the venue. I drafted the designs and sent off the proposal today. It's obviously SAW themed, and I think it is beneficial to us as well as to them in creating a memorable, indelible state-of-the-art scare that everyone has to experience.

Next, the house is now designed. Nightmare: Vampires is going to blow you away. For the first time ever it is fully immersive. We have talked in the past about the house having a beginning, middle and an end, but this is truer to that than ever before. You will truly be taking part in a new vampire story where everything leads to the next thing as you not only are witnessing a new vampire legend being created, you are part of it. You are a character in this live horror movie and that is something that Edward Cullen guy could never offer you. You'll see some vamps from movies, books and television, and historical vampires and ones from around the world, but most importantly we are creating a new vampire legend the likes you are not expecting.

And that's it for now. sound cool?

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