Tuesday, June 30, 2009

True Blood: The Biggest Sucker, episode 3

Wow, how quickly after the last one I was able to muster my third installment of The Biggest Sucker! As a reminder, I have chosen The Biggest Sucker theme because this genre, no matter the quality and artistry - and I believe this show excels at both - depends on characters doing stupid shit in order to keep things moving. It also requires a great deal of incredulity, a talent what's her face on The X-Files was able to excel week after week. Therefore, I focus on who was the biggest dupe of the week in The Biggest Sucker:

Is it Eggs who while talking to Tara in a hot tub at an increasingly hedonistic party at Maryann's is confronted by a topless sorority girl and allows her to give him a massage in front of Tara thinking it was all good? When Tara is appropriately put off by it and leaves he chases after her and is all, "what? that? who? me? seriously, you're upset by this? come on, you're trippin'!" He's a huge fool, but not a big enough sucker, so it ain't him.

Is it Lafayette who after being saved from the vampires by Bill and Sookie refuses medical treatment because he doesn't have any health insurance? Doesn't he know that you can go to the ER and they have to treat you no matter what, and after you get the bill you can just ignore it for 6 years until they privately sue you and you don't even know it until one day you go to the ATM and try to withdraw $20 from the $137 you own and you discover you are negative $4800 in your bank account? huh? Although your health is more important than money, it isn't him either.

Is it the cop, Andy Bellefleur, who sees an enormous pig hanging out at Maryann's sex party and then questions Maryann about it and then she says, "what pig?" and he says "that pig!" and turns around to show her and there is nothing there, and then she is like, "Andy honey i think you are seeing things" and he accepts that and moves on? closer, but not yet.

Is it either Sarah or Steve Newlin who don't see that by episode 6 Jason is going to be banging Sarah? This ain't a spoiler. I don't really know, but seriously, come on. It ain't them though.

It's Eric Northman, The Vampire Sheriff, who saved Sookie's life, and then asks for her help to find a vampire killer only to be insulted mercilessly by her and slapped in his face without doing or saying anything to her. Does he really need her mind reading abilities that much? I mean, Sookie treats him like crap and he can't so much as throw her across the room? I think he is a fool for putting so much weight into her abilities, and for that he is the third episodes Biggest Sucker.


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