Thursday, June 18, 2009

True Blood: The Biggest Sucker Episode 1

So in discussing what is one of my favorite television shows each week, True Blood on HBO, I am going to find the "Biggest Sucker" because the show prides itself on someone doing something so completely clueless and stupid that it helps moves the story along. And because it is set in Louisiana.

This, the first week of season 2, had many candidates, but let me get one thing out to the way first - It was amazing. It picked up right where it left off and did not disappoint. And Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) got her boldest ever with the nakedness in an extended nude scene which I was surprised about a bit. It was refreshing, however, after considering what Mary Louise Parker has been saying about feeling bad about taking off her clothes for "Weeds." It made me feel like she was comfortable with her decisions last year and felt like it made sense to do so. And it was a pretty hot sex scene. I can say this because my wife thinks Bill is hot.

But who is the sucker? You could say it was Tara (Rutina Wesley), Sookie's hot-headed best friend, and once Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) paramour. After falling for the demon exorcist last season (who winds up murdered in this season opener) you would think she would see the obvious signs that her new guardian and protector Maryann (played by Michelle Forbes) is a little wacky. I am not sure how she can rationalize someone being so incredibly nice and generous to her for no apparent reason and who she has never met before and is a creepy milf, but she does and she is ultimately going to be proven a sucker for doing so. But not yet.

It could be Sam Merlotte who foolishly thinks that Sookie would ever choose him over the super sexy vampire, Bill (played by me, Timothy Haskell*). I mean, he is kind of pathetic with his pursuit and his morphing into a little doggy just isn't that badass. And then there's the always waking up places showing tons of ass. Not as cool as being a suave, powerful ass-kicking blood-sucker. He is always like this, but his nomination for this episode is due to his piquant forlornness over losing Sookie at the end of last season to a crispy Bill once he finally thought he had his paws completely around her. He didn't, and now he looks like a true sucker. But it ain't him, either.

This week I am going with Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), for all the reasons. He's a complete jackass always, but as far as I am concerned, religious people are already suckers, to be a born-again you're a full grown lollipop, and to fall into a a christian cult, well then you are one of those root beer flavored suckers that everyone thinks is chocolate at first and then they lick it and then throw it out. And that is Jason Stackhouse. He is joining the Fellowship of the Sun "church", a church that's central premise is to hate on vampires. Who cares. They ain't really real. But then again, neither is Jason Stackhouse. I guess I'm the sucker.

* not even close to true...blood.

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Aren said...

What's your beef with Louisiana? I'm from there and you let me run your haunted house.