Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monster Link Madness

The Critical Condition is rivaling my own True Blood round ups (The Biggest Sucker) with "Sucker Punch." Both are equally deserving of your attention if you love True Blood as we both apparently do. Damn you Mark Blankenship, just when I thought I had an original idea!

Over at Haunternet they discuss a young girl who went into a tattoo parlor to get three little stars tattooed on the side fo her face and the tattoo artist ended up tattooing her entire face with stars. Now she's upset. How did she miss what was happening? has the legendary Suicide Girls posing for scary but sexy horror themed shots. These gals have been doing it for awhile, but this smacks of the Haunternet Girls

Happy Horror does a special Father's Day round-up of the Stepfather films (the first one you still can't get on DVD. What's up with that?)

Everyone's favorite horror photographer, Joshua Hoffine is now selling his most iconic photo of all - the monster underneath the bed, entitled "BED" for only $20!

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Kevin M. Keating said...

You should know that the tattoo chick fessed up to lying about the whole experience because her dad was pissed.

DailyMail: 'I lied about tattoo blunder because my father was furious': Teenage girl with 56 stars on her face finally comes clean

So messed up.