Friday, June 12, 2009

Correction: Vampire Museum is Not The First

Okay, oops. I was recently informed that our story on May 21st about the first vampire museum in the country was wrong. Here is a note that I received:

"You know, of course, that Dr. Jeanne Youngson, president & founder of THE VAMPIRE EMPIRE created and curated a Dracula Museum at No.1 5th Avenue from 1990 through 2001. The museum contained the largest collection of Dracula and vampire-related material in the world. Nearly ten thousand people visited the museum through the years. The collection was purchased near the beginning of this century by a theatre complex in Vienna, Austria, to be shown in tandem with Roman Polanski's vampire play.

Sincerely yours,
Ann M. Hart, Secretary

So I stand corrected, and I apologize to this museum for the oversight. I am the worst person on the planet.

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